Helo Fitness Technology Wristbands


Helo is a new product that is distributed by World Global Distribution Network and has been researched by World Media and Technology Corporation. The World Global Distribution Network was founded in 2011. Both organizations use technology to drive the economy and social connection to the world with the aim to create new products. HELO is an abbreviation which implies Health and Lifestyle Oracle. It is a type of a wristband watch which is meant to be worn every day to monitor health and fitness.

The World Tech hold it that worldgn compensation plan 2017 can do various functions which include: Monitoring the heart rate variability, ECG, Counting the steps, the calories burned and distance was taken, sleeping quality, Electrocardiogram, Blood pressure, Fatigue Sensor, Mood Sensor, Remote monitoring of other peoples vital signs, Provides emergency SOS GPS location for everyone in the family, A panic button, Mood analysis, Energy Analysis and stress levels.

Helo uses germanium stone plates which is ninety-nine percent pure. This germanium is used for facilitating the transfer of ionic charges. The stone technology of Helo which is wearable improves the circulation of blood by increasing the oxygen level in a person’s blood. The plates of Helo Germanium are made to increase the health benefits of the wristband. This is possible since it adds a natural antioxidant. Ingredients which are active and can be found in fungi and plants, as well as germanium, are ginseng, garlic or aloe.

 WRMT’s estimate blood glucose and records it routinely having the readings recorded in the Helo’s LifeLog.This presentation is easily seen by the healthcare provider of a person with diabetes. When there is an improvement in oxygen distribution in the bloodstream, the body relaxes, and higher oxygenation facilitates healing leading to rest and better quality of sleep. Hello also uses Himalayan salt crystals which neutralize and clean the body from ionic charges that are positive. The skin tends to absorb the minerals. For more facts and info about Helo Technology Wristbands, Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wristband.

HELO smartband is also able to notify your beloved ones in case you are in need through the panic button using the messaging technology and Google maps installed in the Smartphone. For the GPS, the coordinates of your location are provided to loved ones via Bluetooth from Hello to your phone then to the cell phone tower. Hello also has a hypo-allergenic wristband and titanium plates which are removable. The titanium plates are positioned in that hypo-allergenic silicon band. The plate system has a patented clip having slots for the natural mineral stone plates. These stone plates are placed in any suitable way. This technology is recommended for parents, mentally challenged and children.


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